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Heterojunction (HJT) technology

REC Alpha Pro M

Is bigger better? That depends on your solar goals and needs. A larger format solar panel can mean faster installations, savings on balance of systems costs, and lower levelized cost of energy. With that, meet the REC Alpha Pro M: a variant of the popular REC Alpha family of panels, designed specifically for commercial and industrial rooftop and ground mount solar PV installations. The REC Alpha Pro M reaches 640 Wp, delivering 20.9 W/ft2. Get more. Keep more. Do more. 

Key documents:
Datasheet (610-640 Wp)
Additional documentation


20 year Product Warranty 25 year Power Warranty Min. 92% power in year 25
Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology
  • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for
  • Higher efficiencies at the hottest times; this leading Temperature Coefficient means more energy than other panels when the sun shines strongest and in hot conditions
  • Higher power for greater savings and accelerated return on investment
  • High power density (watts/ft²) generates more energy from the same area, getting more from limited spaces
Advanced cell connection technology
  • Increased number of wires greatly improves flow of electricity current
  • Eliminating invasive soldering removes risk of cell damage or microcracks for long-lasting high performance
  • Stylish looks thanks to thin, barely-visible wires and uniformly black-colored cells
  • Solder-free cells
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing drastically reduces carbon footprint
Pioneering panel designs
  • REC's award-winning and iconic Twin design splits the REC Alpha Pro M into two ‘Twin’ sections
  • Reduces internal resistance for more power and reliability
  • Continued energy production in shaded conditions means you see higher energy yields
Super-strong frame
  • Support bars protect cells and glass from bending under load
  • Allows extreme loads up to 7000 Pa
  • Panels maintain high performance levels over the installation lifetime
  • 30 mm (1.2") frame height makes panel easier to handle
Premium solar panel warranty
  • Product warranty: 20 years – covers panel defects
  • Performance warranty: 25 years – with 0.25% warranted annual degradation, REC Alpha Pure-R will still produce at least 92% of its nameplate power in its 25th year of operation
  • Eligible for REC ProTrust*, a comprehensive package that offers a 25-year warranty for each of product, performance, and labor: get an additional five years on the 20-year product warranty, plus a labor warranty for up to 25 years

*REC ProTrust Warranty applies only for (i) REC panels installed by an REC Certified Solar Professional, and ii) panels have been registered by the installer with REC. Subject to System Size and further conditions.