Solar’s Most Trusted

Installers, homeowners, and families all enjoy the comfort that comes with an REC system: Quality products with ethical manufacturing from a leading brand

REC Alpha Pure-RX

A solar panel that truly empowers. The REC Alpha Pure-RX reaches power levels once unimaginable in a form factor that’s compatible. (450-470 Wp)

REC Alpha Pure 2

Inspiring good solar practices. The REC Alpha Pure-R delivers long-term high power, enables you to do more environmental good, and delivers on the promise of quality. (400-430 Wp)

REC ProTrust Warranty

Premium quality, empowering warranty. All REC panels are eligible for REC ProTrust; a comprehensive package that offers a 25-year warranty for each of product, performance, and labor (conditions apply).

    REC Group is a solar panel manufacturer, trusted for almost three decades. Since its founding in 1996, REC has been a true pioneer in the solar industry. A front-running innovator. Leading by example. Your trusted partner. Solar’s most trusted. Go solar, reduce your energy bills and make a positive impact on climate change.
Find certified REC installers

Attention homeowners: use our Installer Locator to find REC Certified Solar Professional installers in your area. In addition to receiving leading-quality panels, you can be confident in the installation quality as well. Plus, you qualify for the REC ProTrust Warranty.

Beyond power and price, why REC?

    Leading technology

    REC continuously inspires the industry with its progressions in panel technology, including mastering HJT – the solar technology of the future, already at REC today.

    Made in Singapore

    Come inside and discover the high automation of REC production and the measures we take to deliver product quality beyond expectations.

    World class warranty

    REC confidently offers warranties that empower consumers: 20-year product warranty + 25-year performance warranty. Plus, all REC panels are eligible for REC ProTrust.

    Serious about Sustainability

    Choose solar panels more responsibly! High-efficiency innovations, sustainable manufacturing, and equitable work practices all demonstrate how REC is committed today for a better tomorrow.