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Why REC?
Leading technology that delivers more power to more people in more places

REC has introduced a series of game-changing solar panel innovations, evidenced by multiple legitimate third-party awards, including being the only solar brand with three Intersolar Awards. REC continuously inspires the industry with its progressions in panel technology, including mastering HJT – the solar technology of the future, already at REC today.

Winner of multiple third-party awards

Awards and accreditations are nice – especially when they’re from independent expert juries, highly-respected organizations, and solar installers! REC is proud to have amassed several over the years for our product innovations, manufacturing innovation, after-sales service, sustainability, and quality. Innovation is in our DNA; global energy transitions cannot progress without new means and technology leaps. REC is proud to be a true innovator in solar technology.

Mastering HJT – the solar technology of the future, already at REC today

REC Alpha – solar panels based on Heterojunction technology (HJT) – launched in 2019. With it, REC leapfrogged other brands and manufacturers, spearheading the drive towards more: more innovation, more environmental good, more power. The long-term reliability of HJT is supported by the power warranty of REC Alpha panels, which promises at least 92% of nameplate power in year 25. This enables consumers to keep and generate more power over their solar system’s lifetime.

Follow the leader, leader, leader …

REC was the first manufacturer to introduce solar panels using half-cut cells (REC TwinPeak). 
Others followed. 
REC pioneered the ‘Twin’ panel design
Others followed. 
REC was the first to use n-type TOPCon cells in a ‘Twin’ design (REC N-Peak). 
Others followed. 
REC was the first to mass produce solar panels featuring HJT cells in a half-cut format (REC Alpha). 
Others followed. 
REC is very proud to be leading by example.

Introducing AMI – REC’s key enabler taking REC Alpha HJT panels to new heights

Since the launch of REC Alpha in 2019, REC has continuously mastered HJT technology, increasing panel performance while minimizing environmental footprint. One of REC’s advancements on this technology platform is AMI – Advanced Module Interconnection. This innovative solder-free foil and wire combination has enabled REC to use larger G12-size wafers for REC Alpha HJT cells and panels. Learn more about AMI, the superiority of HJT and how REC has mastered it, all in our flyer here.