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Environmental performance


The environmental performance data reflects information collected for selected GRI indicators. A summary is provided here:

Air emissions 2014

REC is committed to minimizing harmful emissions from its manufacturing process and complies with all government air pollution specification limits. Exhaust and scrubber systems are regularly maintained to ensure emitted air is treated before release. Regular sampling of air emissions is carried out to ensure compliance to government specifications. The table below shows the emission concentration of key air contaminants for 2014, which were all within the limits stipulated.

Year 2014

Concentration (mg/m³)

Government Specification (mg/m³)
HF < 0.20 50
HCl < 0.25 200
NOx 112.65 700
SO2 8.6 500
SO3 0.375 100
Cl2 < 0.4 32
NH3 0.06 76
PM10 1.20 100
VOC 2.56 No limit

Water waste discharge

Waste water generated in the manufacturing process is treated as trade effluent before discharge. Regular maintenance of the waste water treatment plant, and regular sampling of the waste water, as required by the authorities, ensures the quality is within government regulation specifications.

The concentration of water contaminants in the trade effluent produced by REC for the year 2014 is shown in the table below and is within government limits.

Year 2014 Concentration (mg/L) Goverment specification (mg/m³)
COD 320 600
BOD 196 400
TSS 121.6 400
Total Metals 0.10 10


Total Landfill Disposal

Any waste produced that cannot be recycled or incinerated is disposed of through landfill. Prior to going into landfill, waste undergoes Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures (TCLP) in order to ensure that any potential leaching of hazardous chemicals is within the acceptable limits set out in government regulations.

This chart shows the year on year reduction in waste from REC that has gone into landfill per MW production, a reduction which is due to process improvement efforts to minimize landfill waste.

Year MT/MW
2012 5.03
2013 3.06
2014 2.48


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